David K. Seitzer

David K. Seitzer

David K. Seitzer

David K. Seitzer is an investment advisor with 25 years of experience in the industry, dedicated to helping clients successfully implement solutions to achieve their retirement quest. A U.S. Army veteran with a background in healthcare, he has an expanded knowledge base to help you identify retirement goals beyond traditional market-based planning, including college planning, healthcare planning, Medicaid, and veteran benefits.

David became an investment advisor in March of 2000 and went on to experience and survived one of the worst decades on Wall Street. He prides himself on his ability to listen carefully and speak the truth, but he always wants his clients to leave with hope. Expect your first appointment with David to be transparent and insightful; your second planning session should leave you feeling confident; your third and subsequent portfolio reviews should be something you look forward to with excitement. As a retirement educator and advocate, David leads several community outreach programs including a Money Matters class he teaches at his local church; Grace Church SC, designed to help families with budgeting and debt management. He also speaks at an elder care options ministry, educating families about how to navigate the cost of healthcare, housing, and long-term care for their elderly parents in the most cost effective and tax-efficient manner.

Before joining Alloy Wealth, David served as a microwave communications equipment repair technician in the United States Army Signal Corps, followed by four years in nursing school. After being recruited for his healthcare knowledge to sell health insurance, he went on to build a practice that specialized in retirement income and crisis planning for the aged. His focus was on helping working Americans successfully escort their aging parents through long-term care decisions, while simultaneously encouraging younger adults to be proactive about their future healthcare needs. David studied and became an accredited Service Officer with the Department of Veteran Affairs, allowing him to help prepare and submit claims to secure benefits for war-time veterans and their families.

An active member of his community, David founded the non-profit organization Project Veteran Aid, which he ran until 2019 and functioned as the accredited service officer. As a volunteer for Mentoring Young Veterans Exiting the Service (MYVETS), he currently helps veterans reintegrate into civilian society, identifying skills and connecting them to resources through local veteran programs such as Upstate Warrior Solutions (UWS). He also spent a season conducting seminars for The Dementia Society to educate families about the disease and help them navigate a course for care. A former elected official, David served as a councilmember for the City of St. Charles, Missouri, Ward 8, on committees to help with budget planning, economic development, and, of course, the Veterans Commission. Raised six blocks from a mid-western steel mill, David understands the loyalty and stamina that is required for wage earners to provide for their family. If his father was ever on strike with the Union, David learned to enjoy the tubs of peanut butter and cheese that replaced the paycheck. While the workforce is different now, the lessons learned in his youth help him guide his clients to a better future. His guiding biblical scripture remains to this day Galatians 6:10. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Married and a father to three adult kids, David and his wife are avid hikers and waterfall chasers. They travel often to visit wineries and breweries, and they enjoy golfing and throwing dinner parties. When not out on the green or entertaining, you’ll often find David mid-tire deep in mud, Jeeping on any given weekend. Currently, he and his wife are engaged in the 52 Hike Challenge—one hike a week for one year, in a year.

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